CLC Block As Insulation Material

The design of the building is 50-100 normal service life. Organic heat preservation material is not very durable. At present, the design of organic heat preservation material life is 20 to 25 years. This means that the service life of the insulating material is not as long as the building. Life of architecture, it needs 2-4 times the insulation structure, so it would hurt.
Bubble of the durability of the concrete block is more than 50 years, but as long as the building. A construction, can work for the whole life. In the northeast of China, there are some of the heat preservation projects in the 1950 s. More than 60 years, they are still in perfect condition. Under the premise of the construction of the specification, along with our high performance foam concrete machine, CLC foam concrete block can work life in 100.