CLC aircrete machine for sale

There are many types of CLC aircrete machine for sale, with countless foam machines of various brands, shapes and names, and new CLC aircrete machine brands and names are constantly being introduced. Numerous models have shocked manufacturers to choose the wrong model. In order to facilitate manufacturers to choose CLC aircrete machine correctly, let’s talk about the selection method of CLC aircrete machine .

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1. Fully understand the types of CLC aircrete machine for sale
Although the basic principle of the bubble machine is to introduce gas into the foam solution, different types of bubble machines use different methods to introduce gas. Knowing the c-type hollow machine sold is helpful to understand its attraction system, and to better understand its technical characteristics and performance, which will help manufacturers
2. Carefully master the basic technical parameters of CLC aircrete machine
For producers, it is not enough to understand only the foam model and principle. It is also necessary to better understand some important technical parameters of the bubble machine to determine whether they meet their production needs.
1) Production: Production volume is the volume of foam produced. This is a little more than 20% of the amount of foam you need to leave the space. The number of foams produced should be used as the basis for the approved calculation rather than the determination of the upper limit;
2) Carrying capacity: The carrying capacity is the total carrying capacity. This parameter is very important for calculating the adaptability of the circuit to the total power consumption;
3) Equipment size: this parameter is a necessary parameter for the overall layout planning of the workshop;
4) Bubble diameter range: Generally, the bubble diameter requirements must be compared according to specific products.

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3. Understand the quality of CLC aircrete machine
The final product of the CLC aircrete machine is foam. Therefore, foam quality is the only criterion for judging the performance of CLC aircrete machine for sale. Judging the bubble quality of the bubble machine should be judged from the three aspects of foam fineness, foam uniformity and foam water.
The smaller the bubble diameter, the smaller the bubble, the greater the density, the better the bubble stability, the higher the product strength, and the better the insulation performance.
The more uniform the bubble diameter, the narrower the distribution, the more uniform the stress on the product, and the better the use effect.
The lower the foam water, the lower the foam water content, which means the better the bubble performance of the bubble machine.
If the CLC aircrete machine for sale meets the requirements of the above three aspects, it needs to be confirmed by the tester. When choosing a CLC aircrete machine , the foam discharged by the CLC aircrete machine must be a sponge-type fine foam with more foam and less water, and it must be uniform and fine.