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System composition
A complete polyurethane foaming machine consists of the following systems: material flow system, metering system, pneumatic system, heating system, cleaning system,
Mixing device
Note: High and low pressure foaming machines and sprayers for producing polyurethane foams, casting machines for producing polyurethane elastomers, pouring machines for producing polyurethane filling materials, forming machines for shoe materials, and supporting production lines. Products are widely used in refrigerators, freezers, automobiles, footwear and polyurethane rubber industries.
The ultimate product of foaming machines is foam, and what we need in production is also foam. Therefore, the quality of the foam is the only criterion for determining the performance of the foaming machine. To determine the foaming quality of a foaming machine, it should be based on three aspects. That is, the fineness of the foam, the uniformity of the foam, and the amount of foam bleeding.
Foam fineness refers to the size of the bubble diameter. The smaller the bubble diameter, the finer and denser the foam, the better the stability of the foam, and the higher the strength of the product produced, the better the insulation performance.
Foam uniformity refers to the bubble size should be uniform. The more uniform the bubble size, the narrower the distribution range, the more uniform the stress of the product, and the better the use effect.