China supplier foam concrete machine

After years of practical use and continuous improvement in technology, the cement foaming machine has formed a variety of different structures. The main models of cement foaming machines are as follows.
(1) Vertical shaft impeller type: The foaming cylinder of this cement foaming machine is a vertical cylinder, which has a vertical shaft in the cylinder, and a fixed detachable impeller is mounted on the shaft head, and the motor is installed in the foaming cylinder. The upper part drives the vertical shaft to rotate at high speed. The mouth of the barrel is open for manual unloading from the barrel. The barrel of this cement foaming machine is non-reversible and has certain limitations.
(2) Vertical shaft belt type: The impeller on the vertical shaft of the cement foaming machine is not a conventional blade type, but a spiral belt type. An impeller is installed at the lowermost end of the spiral, and a large foam is removed at the upper part of the spiral. The device can control the excessive foam. The cement foaming machine has a smaller bubble diameter range than the first one and has certain technological advances.
(3) Vertical shaft wall tooth type: The main change of this new impeller cement foaming machine is that in the lower part of the cylinder wall, some wall teeth (stator) are added, and the blades (rotor) on the vertical shaft are interdigitated with each other. The stator assists the rotor in foaming at high speeds, improving foaming efficiency.