GF15 cement foam concrete unit

GF15 cement foam concrete unit

The cement, fly ash(fine particle powder), sand,etc. and water are mixed ready in the mixing tank according to the proportion by lightweight concrete special equipment, and press the mixture into pipeline by hydraulic conveying cylinder; foaming agent mixed with water according to the proportion, then mixed with compressed air by high pressure pump, form fine foams of high density in the pipeline, and then mixed with mixture in the pipeline,at last form lightweight concrete.

Technical Data

Model GF15
Maximum output 15m³/h
The maximum delivery height 100m
Farthest transport distance 500m
Total power 13.5kw
Mixing tank volume 0.4m³
Weight 800kg
Size 1850*1000*1400mm


  1. Simple structure, light weight, easy operate.
  2. According demands to choose suitable pumping speed.
  3. Frequency Cnvertercontrols the quantity of foams, adjusting foam concrete density.
  4. Dosing Pumpto dose foam agent and water based on fixed ratio automatically.
  5. Hose Pumpto deliver foam concrete, more stable, foam loss ratio very low.
  6. High cost-performance.

cement foam concrete unit



  1. Can be used for providing insulating layer On TheFloor. It can adjust the density according the mix design from 200-1600kg/m3.
  2. Can used for Roof Insulationof refrigerated storage space. Besides, it can be used for filling tunnel and mine.
  3. Can be used for producing foam concrete panels and CLC Blocks.

cement foam concrete unit for roof insulation


cement foam concrete unit delivery

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