Cellular lightweight mini mixing foam cement machine

Cellular lightweight foam cement machine is used to make cellular lightweight foam cement fire barrier.

The basic principle of the fire barrier is to use the non-combustible cement and a large number of closed pores in the concrete to achieve the effects of fire prevention, light weight, and heat preservation. It is a new type of lightweight porous fireproof thermal insulation board made of foam and cement prepared by foaming agent. After mixing and casting, it has a fireproof performance of Class A1, which is a good product for fireproof isolation belt.

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Performance characteristics of foam cement fire barrier made by cellular lightweight foam cement machine:
1. High-resistance multi-inorganic foaming material belongs to Class A1 fireproof material, has good fire resistance and has refractoriness of more than 1000 °C. It fully satisfies the fire barrier and the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development [2009] No. 46 Requirements.
2. High insulation Because the closed porosity of the multi-inorganic foam material is >95%, the high closed cell ratio reduces convective heat transfer, which is a prerequisite for high heat insulation. The thermal conductivity of cellular lightweight foam cement fireproof insulation board is basically the same as that of polystyrene board, which can meet the needs of building thermal insulation.

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3. The strength is relatively good, not easy to break. The product has high pressure resistance, flexural strength, and strength index, and achieves relatively uniform low density and high strength. It is not easy to be broken during use and transportation and meets fire resistance.
4. Foamed concrete fire barrier is another advantage of the product. When the density is 100-300kg/m3, the requirements of the fire barrier can be fully achieved, and the cost can be greatly reduced.

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5. Non-toxic and harmless The raw materials of the multi-inorganic cellular lightweight foam cement fire barrier of external wall insulation will not burn at high temperatures and will not release toxic gas. The cellular lightweight foam cement manufacturer indicates that it is a safe and environmentally friendly building material. I hope that I can help you through the above brief introduction. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult our company.