Cellular foam machine for sale

Foamed concrete, also called porous lightweight concrete, is made of water, Portland cement, fine sand, and preformed stable foam.

CLC foam concrete brick

The foam generator uses a blowing agent to produce pentane. The air content is usually 40% to 80% of the total. The bubble diameter varies from about 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm. We can use cellular foam machine for sale with foam pumps, which can be used for walls, bricks and insulation.

Foam Concrete Machine Used for Floor Heating

Zhengzhou Gaodetec cellular foam machine is of high quality and easy to operate. A cellular foam machine for sale. The cement and water are put into the mixer, then mixed in a certain proportion, and pressed into the conveyor through a hydraulic cylinder. Cellular foam machine for sale is mainly used for cast-in-place walls, thermal insulation roofs, thermal floors, external wall insulation, filling of vertical beam base grooves, firewalls and sound insulation.

Foam Concrete Machine for Making Blocks

Precautions for use of cellular foam machine for sale:
1. Prohibit stones and other debris from entering the cement mortar mixer.
2. Rotate the blades of the mixer, and it is strictly forbidden to stretch out your hand when the main engine is working.
3. Turn off the foaming agent switch on the left when the pump is stopped, and turn it on again when pumping again to prevent the foam concrete from entering the foaming agent by its own weight.
4. When the mixer stops feeding, the mixing shaft should continue to run, otherwise the cement slurry in the mixing tank will easily settle and become stuck when it starts to mix again.
5. The time for foam concrete to stop pumping shall not exceed 30 minutes, otherwise the foam concrete in the pipeline will easily separate or foam.
6. During construction in cold seasons, anti-freezing measures should be taken. During the construction in the hot season, the oil temperature should be prevented from being too high, and the operation should be stopped when it reaches 80°C.
7. After the FP-25 outlet high-pressure delivery hose of the cellular foam machine has been running for a period of time, the end of the high-pressure delivery hose and the connecting hose should be reversed according to their wear and tear to extend their service life.
8. When the cellular foam machine is working in a dusty environment, the air filter of the air pump should be cleaned or replaced regularly, and oil (grease) should be added or replaced in the water pump and the water pump regularly.