Cellular foam concrete machine for sale

Cellular concrete foam machines are used to make foamed lightweight foam concrete blocks and slabs and are also widely used in cast-in-place engineering. Foam concrete can be poured directly into the formwork to make a house, which is very convenient.
The cast-in-place foam concrete made of foam concrete machine is a new type of engineering field material developed in recent years; it has the characteristics of light weight, good fluidity, strong durability, low cost and simple structure. Widely used in special projects such as road expansion, tunnel construction, backfilling, special geological treatment. The effect is very obvious and the prospect is broad.
The outstanding features of this skill are:
1. Lightweight, fluid, self-sustaining port engineering technology and stage management. Excellent mechanical properties, simple construction, no need for large construction machinery, short construction period.
2. Foamed cement foam can greatly reduce the additional stress applied to the foundation. Suppress the settlement and damage of soft soil embankments.
3. Reduce the pressure on the underground structure and improve the safety and service life of the structure.
4. Cell cement foam can better prevent uneven settlement of structures and embankments. Then eliminate the problem of the road bridge jumping.
5. Used for road expansion and construction, can save expensive engineering land, reduce demolition and save construction costs.
6. Foam concrete can effectively deal with some geological problems, fill caves and caves, and improve the reinforcement of weak geological interlayers.
The cast-in-place foam concrete is suitable for areas with large coastal land and river networks. It is especially suitable for the construction of deep complex soft soil foundation with weak structure and complicated geology.
Our Cellular cement foaming machines are integrated, combining foam generators, conveyors, mixers, foam concrete pumps, control panels and wheels for easy operation and movement. Our diesel Cellular foam concrete machines can be used in the field without a power source. For more information, please contact us.