Cast-in-place foam concrete

Cast-in-situ foamed concrete refers to the physical method of preparing the foaming agent aqueous solution into a foam, and adding the foam to the slurry made of cement, aggregate, admixture and water, etc., then the porous concrete forms.
1) Insulation: The thermal conductivity is 0.06-0.28 W/(M.K) and the thermal resistance is about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete.
2) Lightweight: The dry bulk density is 300-1600KG/M3, which is equivalent to about 1/5 to 1/8 of ordinary cement concrete, which can reduce the overall load of the building.
3) Sound Insulation: In-situ foamed concrete contains a large number of independent air bubbles and is evenly distributed. The sound-absorbing capacity is 0.09-0.19%, which is 5 times that of ordinary concrete.
4) Compression resistance: The compressive strength is 0.6-25.0 MPA.
5) Water resistance: In-situ foamed concrete has less water absorption, and relatively independent closed bubbles make it have a certain degree of water resistance.
6) The construction is simple: just use the cement foaming machine to achieve automation.
7) Economical: The overall cost is low.
the main site cast. For example: backfilling (garbage landfills, road and bridge applications, lightening of the tunnel entrance, subway filling, etc.), foam concrete cast-in-place walls, etc.
Due to the environmental protection of the foamed concrete, easy construction operation and stable quality, it can realize the characteristics of on-site pouring. Cast-in-place foam concrete is called cast-in-place foamed concrete or cast-in-place foamed cement.
GF5 foam concrete machine is specially designed for cast-in-place constructions, which is a self-developed patent product, with completely independent intellectual property rights.
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