Bestselling foam cement block machine

The amount of foamed water refers to the amount of the foaming agent aqueous solution produced after the foam is broken. The lower the foam bleeding volume, the lower the water content of the foam, indicating that the foaming performance of the foaming machine is better.
Whether the foaming machine can meet the requirements in the above three aspects should be confirmed by the test machine. When choosing a foaming machine, it is required that the foam generated by the foaming machine must be a sponge-like fine foam with less water and more bubbles, and be uniform and delicate.
For producers, it is not enough to understand the model and foaming principle. It is also necessary to further understand several important technical parameters of the foaming machine to determine whether it meets its own production requirements.
1) Production: The output is the amount of foam produced. This amount must be slightly higher than 20% of the required amount of foam, so as to leave room. The amount of foam produced should be based on the calculation of the calculation, but not the upper limit;
2) Installed capacity: The installed capacity is the total installed power. This parameter has important significance for the calculation of the electrical circuit’s adaptability to the total electricity consumption.
3) Equipment size: This parameter is a necessary factor for the overall layout of the workshop;
4) Bubble diameter range: Generally, it should be controlled according to the requirements of specific products on the bubble diameter.