Backfill basement with foam concrete

Foam concrete, also known as cellular lightweight concrete is defined as a cement based slurry, with a minimum of 20% (per volume)foam entrained into the plastic mortar. . The density of foam concrete usually varies from 400 kg/m³ to 1600 kg/ m³. The density is normally controlled by substituting fully or part of the fine aggregate with foam. Different application will adopt different density of foam concrete machine, but how to control the density accurately so that it can meet your project?
The density depends on the foam amount you add to the slurry. Among all of our foam concrete machine, there is device of foam additional amount adjustment. Take our LD2000 foam concrete mixer machine for example, the device is in the control cabinet. You can see the bellowing picture, the device is in the bottom left corner. With this device, you produce foam concrete with the density you require. Whether for heating insulation, roof construction, CLC block or wall panel, our foam concrete machine can produce the corresponding density very easy.
Regardless of the type of foaming machine, the basic principle of foaming is to introduce air into the foaming agent solution. The variety of models varies depending on how the gas is introduced, and therefore the effect is different.
There are two necessary factors in the formation of a bubble, one is a foaming agent solution and the other is air. Both are indispensable. Without the blowing agent solution, the liquid film surrounding the gas is not formed and there is no bubble. Without gas, there is only a foaming agent solution and bubbles cannot be formed.
In the bubble formation system, the foaming agent solution is a dispersion medium, the gas is a dispersed phase, the gas is dispersed in the liquid to form bubbles, and then the bubbles are composed of numerous bubbles. In addition to this important factor in foaming agent performance, the introduction of gas into the blowing agent solution is another important factor. The introduction of gas into the liquid must be done by a foaming machine, that is, the foaming machine uses a certain method to introduce the gas into the liquid.