Automatic CLC Foam Concrete Bricks Production Line

CLC Foam Concrete Bricks Production Line

Working Principle:

Cement foam machine put cement and water into a slurry mixing and then mix them in a certain proportion, press them into transmission pipelines through hydraulic cylinder; According to a certain proportion foam mixed with water and then mixed with compressed air by the high-pressure pump; In the pipeline it form the high-density foam and meticulous, at last form the foam cement with the slurry in the pipeline. Then pouring into tank and pouring by foam concrete pump to moulds.

Main Parts:

Main machines include: GM2000 foam concrete mixer (with storage tank and foaming generator), GH foam concrete pump, mould, wire cutting machine etc.

A: GM2000 foam concrete mixer

GM2000 foam concrete mixer

B: GH76 foam concrete pump

GH76 foam concrete pump

C: Mould


D: GW-30B wire cutting machine demould equipment

GW-30B wire cutting machine demould equipment

  1. Could Cut A Block In Two Directions Simultaneously At One Time(cutting machine made by blade can cut only one direction and buyer must use two machines to cut one block in two times)
  2. Cutting One Block Need 3-4 Minutes, so max cutting capacity could up to 17 m3/hour.

E: Demould equipment

Demould equipment

The Bricks Made By Our Automatic Brick Making Machine:

The Bricks Made By Our Manual Brick Making Machine

New Building Material Foam Concrere Block Features:

*Low Cost                                 * Light Weight

*Heat Preservation                      *Sound Insulation

*Fireproofing                              *Aseismatic

*High Construction Speed            *Environmental Protection

The features of the foam concrete blocks