Advantages of foam concrete

The type of foam concrete is porous concrete. Foamed concrete is a uniform distribution of air chamber through all of the weight of concrete. Unlike gas concrete, foam concrete come out not by means of chemical reactions, but by mechanical mixing of preliminary prepared foam with a the concrete mix.
The advantages of the foam concrete application in the construction industry.
1. Foam concrete with a lower price compared with other building materials;
2. Foam concrete service life under normal operating conditions is unlimited. In the process of time of foam concrete stronger;
3. The weight of the foam concrete is much less than standard weight of heavy concrete. It can lead to considerable economic structure skeleton, substructure, abutment or piles;
4. Foam concrete is lightsome, larger block compared with brick allows increasing the speed of lie in several times, thus reducing construction costs;
5. Foam concrete has good durability and high isolation features.
Our hot sale machines for making CLC blocks include: GM2000 foam concrete mixer, GH76 foam concrete pump, manual molds. If want to improve efficiency, could use wire cutting machine.