Advantage and application of foam concrete block

1. Foam concrete block is also called CLC block, because light weight, construction is very easy, can drill. Moreover, good ventilation, more suitable for human life.
2. The cost of CLC blocks is lower than that of ordinary concrete blocks. Insulation insulation performance is better than ordinary concrete blocks, especially because of breathable moisture-proof function, in the rain will be wet. People live very comfortable, so more and more popular
3. Raw material foam block is slag, coal ash, mountain powder, sand, etc., means that waste can be reused. So the foam concrete is a green building material.
Bubble concrete blocks are easy to manufacture, invest less, is a good business. GD2000 foam concrete mixer and GD30 foam concrete pump made by Gaodetec, foam concrete plant is the ideal unit, is China’s most popular foam concrete machinery.