3D panel technology

3D panel technology 3D panel technology

EPS plate center as a sandwich meat is “bubble” bread is a thin layer of reinforced concrete (rc by a wire mesh and mixed cement, sand, ballast).What man is a surprisingly light, but powerful panel. These panels can accommodate huge weight (compression), can deal with other powers, theme very nervous – like an earthquake. These panels can be prefabricated in a factory. This means that the panel model according to the design and all panel manufacturing plant. The plot of the panel and then shipped to you and assembled on the ground. I also through other web sites, “naked” panel Settings.I call the “naked” only “bubble” in the middle of the panel and wire mesh. Once the panel on site, firmly together, a concrete spraying machine blowing of the wet concrete “naked” panel “concrete”.” Private developers” have used this technique is not too far away from my place, he claims, it is cheap to buy “naked” panel and application of concrete surface layer “own”. We hope that as soon as possible to verify his claims.
Our company only provide 3 d board machinery (technology), please note that we do not sell EPS board.